Monisa Kolla reporting the tete-a-tete with the delegates in a press conference from MSC. 

International press to Iraq :
Last time your troops entered Iraq, you were at war with them trying to destroy the country. Now that you say you want to help them, how should they believe you?
Iraq: We have a spirit of brotherhood with Iraq so basically we do not want them to fall under Israeli monopolization and we also look forward to world peace. Since the war has happened, we had certain diplomatic stances for each other.
You had them before too ma’am, so what changed now?
If ISIS in Iraq gets out of hand, it may affect the neighboring country too, Iran is also a neighboring country so obviously if we do not help this crisis right now it might spread.
As you mentioned in your previous speech, that you would rather die than be captured by the Israeli forces. So by any chance if Israeli forces capture this vehicle ,will you be on a full fledged war with them ?

International press to France:
Which naval ships do you have in the Mediterranean Sea ?
Not aware.
Your flotilla is a nuclear weapon bearing submarine. What is it doing in the Mediterranean sea?
We shall put them to good use when the time is ripe.
Are you thinking of the collateral damage? Okay with it?
Do you think the ISIS will let them live?
Does this mean you are as inhuman as ISIS? Are you denying the right to life? Yes or no?

International press to Iraq:
In you speech you have made it very clear that you are not ready to let the Israeli forces and Turkish forces into your nation. Does this mean that you are against their help? Does this mean you do not support world peace?
That was in the beginning of the committee , our policies are extremely against Israel. We don’t mind help from turkey.

International press to China:
Sir you commented about the violation of international laws by Israel, how can you justify yourself entering into India, Taiwan and Tibet? Isn’t that the violation of international laws?
Situations there were different and here given the fact that Israel was sending troops into different territories is violating the sovereignty and given the fact that we did it for different reasons not for simply escorting out the commander.

International press to Israel:
In your speech you said you would hold civilians at gun point to evacuate Mosul city. Does that mean that you don’t care about the lives of the people and collateral damage that might happen due to the evacuation and also is that how a responsible official must behave to such a sensitive situation ?
ISIS uses the propaganda of fear so why can’t we? It is to save their lives.
Sir you said you do not mind killing them and also that “You do not care”.
So what is the difference between you and ISIS if you don’t care?
It was to save the lives of the people. I deny the statement.


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