Varun Kandukuri describes the progression in the Human Rights Council(hereinafter HRC)
as it strives for remedies.

Although the consequences of Human trafficking were pondered upon by only a select few members, the second session of the HRC advanced with contribution from multiple nations.
Countries that were mum about the issue previously were engaged in active participation
when it came to providing solutions.

“We cannot allow ourselves to marginalize the issue by viewing it as something that can be ended with task forces or dedicated units, we need everyone to be aware of it’s affects and the measures we can take”, said Georgia. The delegate further illustrated the matter
by mentioning the councils whose aim is to inhibit human trafficking.

Whilst Malaysia is a major hub for human trafficking in itself, the delegate made a respectable gesture by providing viable solutions. “Providing a help-line system and a 24/7 national human trafficking center is necessary”, said she. This was followed by a wide array of solutions which were all subordinate to spreading awareness.

Iraq shared an atypical and noteworthy view of child trafficking.
“Children are forcefully displaced to countries with less armed forces and are trained to join the militant forces”. He suggested that we employ religious organizations and NGOs to counter this tangent.

With awareness set as the crux of the deliberation, the member nations went on to parrot generic solutions. Permutations of the same issue despite seeming redundant, highlighted the importance of awareness in combating the issue.

Conclusively, education is primal in impeding the perpetrators as it cuts across judiciaries, borders, and obstacles of all manner in preventing human trafficking.

This discussion had set the base for a broader scope of solutions. But, the delegates failed to capitalize on the opportunity by not reaching beyond their threshold. Thus, while the committee had a relatively more wholesome round of debate, the arrow didn’t land in the center.

The reporter awaits in hope of a comprehensive resolution as the committee proceeds.


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