An overview of the proceedings of Day 1 in the Military Staff Committee.
It all started with the Commander General talking about his expectations from the Military Staff Committee (hereinafter MSC). The committee decided in its talks to go all out against the common enemy, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (hereinafter ISIS). The Commander of Russia was first to start the General speakers List where he spoke about the operation Nightfall. He requested the primary forces in Syria to put Bashar al Assad back in power and invited Donald Trump to have a joint operation on Mosul. The commander of United States of America kept his speech short whilst talking about liberation of the city of Mosul as the primary agenda. The Commander-in-Chief of Islamic Republic of Iran asked for the support of Russia to solve the current crisis in the city of Mosul captured by the terrorist organisation-ISIS. The Commander-in-Chief of China bought in very well narrated points to solve the issue where he asked the fellow nations to come together and save the city of Mosul by use of guerrilla force, sharing important information and collaboration. He suggested that United States of America is a major perpetrator of extremism and requested for a change in policy. The update by the Executive Board about ISIS shelling the Mosul dam in the north of Mosul caused an uproar in the military base. The Russian commander suggested the destruction of the Mosul dam and immediate evacuation of the civilians from the city of Mosul without thinking about the city of Baghdad. This stance of the Russian commander had negative reviews from the commanders of America, Iraq , Iran, and Israel.
It would be interesting to watch further deliberations of the given committee and how they shape the world.


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