Varun Kandukuri attempts to shed light on the socio-psychological impacts on human trafficking victims at the Human Rights Council as they progress through committee.
In a peripheral approach to the agenda, the delegates highlighted the consequences of human trafficking in lieu of focusing on its causes.

“There’s a huge psychological impact”, opened USA.
“Even if the victims are rescued they won’t be integrated into the society due to the social discrimination they face.”

As a consequence, this premise found widespread resonance in the committee.
The delegate of India further divulged into this. She suggested that the labels bestowed on
sex labors degrades the societal position that rescued victims would otherwise enjoy as a part of their basic civil rights.
”Decriminalizing prostitution would mean that these victims can seek a different lifestyle despite the false accusations by public”, said India.

The delegate of Russia was the first to digress from the notion that only women and children are subjected to sexual labor.
”Abuse and sex trafficking is common in young boys.”
His reports produced empirical evidence for post traumatic stress disorder and additional stress due to social stigma, viz., homosexual urges, externalization of pain etc.
This emphasized on the slightly disregarded side of human trafficking victims.

Correspondingly, the delegate of Switzerland said “Victims of Trafficking undergo long-term
Psychological and physical injuries. They may also be victims to Sexually Transmitted Diseases due to sexual exploitation.”

The entire discussion can be enveloped by rotating back to USA’s argument which highlights the disapproval faced by victims due to the trauma or disease inflicted on them.

While the committee’s efforts to constrain human trafficking are laudable, it has only brushed upon the economic and educational factors. The debate, though inconclusive, progressed at a decent pace. The reporter awaits further fruitful discussion in upcoming session of the HRC.


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