Padmini Rao, reporter for the United Nations General Assembly- Disarmament and International Security (hereinafter UNGA-DISEC) recounts the primary objectives of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (hereinafter UNPKO) as articulated by the delegates of the committee.
The delegates of UNGA-DISEC, after giving their opening statements via the General Speakers’ List and after twenty minutes of lobbying, decided to move into a moderated caucus on the topic Basic Objectives and Definitions of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.
The delegate of the Republic of Palau stated that approximately 1.5 billion people were living in politically fragile nations and regions of violent conflict and shed light on the previous failures of the UNPKO in Rwanda and in the Balkans. The delegate of France acknowledged the necessity of the UNPKO especially in regions like South Sudan, recounting the success of United Nations(UN) peacekeepers in Liberia and Afghanistan. He also stated that unstable governments need the UNPKO to maintain peace and safety and to elect a stable head of state.
The delegate of Cuba expressed his doubts on the interests of the United Nations Security Council and its lack of unity, and stated that the world cannot let the five permanent members of the Security Council decide the fate of countries torn by war, genocide and political turmoil. The delegate of Russia stated the while the UNPKO has had its fair share of successes and disappointments, it was the best way to solve conflicts in the current scenario.
Delegates also mentioned that the objective of the UNPKO is not just fighting, but the protection of human rights, civilian safety and providing electoral assistance, and asserted that the organisation should function better so that no civilian loses his or her life due to delay in sending peacekeepers. Delegates also averred that certain countries do not allow peacekeepers and that legal framework for prosecution of peacekeepers who have committed crimes should be set in place.
The nation of Armenia then pledged its support to the UNPKO, and stated that they would train and deploy as many troops as they can, in the interest of humanity, marking the end of a very eventful day.


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