International Press has always been an integral part of an MUN. A simulation unlike any other, under IP, reporters are responsible for observing the simulations as they unfold and disseminate information pertaining to every step of the way. Aiming at unbiased and informed reporting, reporters are expected to practice journalism in an all encompassing manner.
The chief role of the reporters would be to adopt the outlook and adapt to the ever changing and charged up atmosphere of the committees. Each reporter would be entrusted to investigate and research committee and council activities, conduct articles, cover press conferences and report on the proceedings. The submissions made by the reporters will be disseminated to all the delegates, members of the Executive Board and the Secretariat in order to keep them informed and at the same time to steer the council proceedings in the right direction.
The newsletter “Hues” aims to stand true to its aim and bring out all possible shades a certain situation may have. So we are better informed and can rightfully serve as the best judges for our ownselves.